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QS 9 Series 4 channels 1080p Full HD 4-channels Security System 4 Cameras With Smart Home Voice Control (TUYA) - White

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Product Description

Forced entrance is the most popular burglary method. For these sorts of crimes, good security cameras can be a powerful deterrent. You and your family, as well as your valued possessions, will be safe. This is where the QS-9240 surveillance camera comes in handy. These video surveillance security cameras provide an added layer of protection for you and your family.

Why QS 9 Series 4 channels 1080p Full HD 4-channels Security System 4 Cameras With Smart Home Voice Control (TUYA)?

  • They deter criminals: When it comes to pre-planned crimes, surveillance cameras can be a deterrent. This means that burglars are less likely to target your home, allowing you to keep your things safe and your family safe. Make sure that your surveillance cameras are visible on your property to keep unwanted visitors at bay.
  • Helps the police: If there is a break-in, your surveillance cameras will have captured the burglary in high-definition video. Police may use these videos and photographs to identify the criminal, prevent future crimes, and hopefully return your stolen belongings.
  • Insurance benefits: Following a burglary, you must file an insurance claim for vandalism or theft. This is where your surveillance camera comes in handy. You can use the footage to prove your insurance claim. When you get your insurance policy evaluated, you can reduce your monthly payments due to the surveillance cameras making your property more secure and reducing the likelihood of a claim.
  • Peace of mind: One of the main benefits of installing a surveillance camera is that it gives you peace of mind. Your home security improves and allows you to check in on your property from anywhere, view a live feed of your home on your computer or smartphone, and receive instant notifications if there is any strange behavior.

Wireless installation

The Auto-Pair & Plug-Play NVR's built-in WiFi router allows the NVR and additional cameras in the system to connect wirelessly and instantly. The auto-pairing feature will immediately give you a view of four cameras. The cameras and NVR are connected before shipping, resulting in a simple plug-and-play solution.

Tuya platform with 4 cameras

QS series surveillance camera TUYA applicable

The QS-9240 delivers a panoramic view of your home or workplace thanks to its 4 cameras. The Tuya app, which can be used anytime, on any day, no matter where you are, allows you to see past and current videos.

HD videos with low bandwidth

QS series surveillance camera

H.265+ allows IP cameras to produce smoother HD footage with less bandwidth by doubling the data compression ratio while boosting video quality at a low bit rate. This can save network bandwidth while also saving up to 50% on video storage. The pre-installed 1TB hard drive can record, transmit, and store video for 30 days.

Note: 1TB/2TB Hard Drive sold separately.

Motion detection with email notifications

This recording device allows for both recording and playback. Stay informed by remotely accessing smart devices (Android and iOS) from your smartphone or tablet at any time and from anywhere. The signal is stable across a distance of 500 to 800 meters in an open area.

Nightvision and waterproof

QS series surveillance camera night vision view

Don't let bad weather keep you from placing an order for the QS-9240! The cameras' outer metal cover protects them from temperatures ranging from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius. The IP66 bullet cameras can see up to 65 feet in the dark thanks to infrared light and an auto IR filter switch. When the light level exceeds a specific limit, the camera's smart array IR-Cut filter switches to night vision mode and records a black-and-white image.

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