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Our Story

When I worked in sales for a German MNC marketing factory automation systems and solutions, I got my first taste of technology. Preventive maintenance for machines, where data was transmitted to the cloud and analyzed by a unique program, was one of the most remarkable achievements of my career.

Corrective action was delivered to the relevant persons, who would get notified through SMS to replace worn-out parts at a specified machine location. All of these actions could get carried out using a single mobile device. Now that's impressive!

We have realized that today's technology has provided us with tremendous commercial and domestic convenience by allowing for widespread connectivity. Alibaba could open the doors with a simple voice command if we recall the classic story of "Alibaba and the 40 thieves." Are you able to recall this command? It certainly isn't a DREAM TODAY! WITH THE TECHNOLOGY WE HAVE NOW, A SMART WORLD IS POSSIBLE.

SMART earth is no longer regarded as a pipe dream in cartoons and science fiction novels. We must keep with the trends to avoid becoming obsolete due to today's technological capabilities.

Recognizing the importance of global connectivity, I've decided to open this online business to help many people worldwide stay connected to the modern technological era.