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Which drone should I buy?

Drone with HD camera for high resolution image taking

Drones are one of the latest technology gadgets that have literally transformed our visual scope to new levels. These flying helicopter cameras have taken the word by storm and are now used by everyone--from professional photographers and videographers to amateurs that simply want to explore their surroundings or want to capture a special event from a new elevated perspective. And while they are not essential by any means, they are a quite useful gadget to own.

Many people wonder “which drone should I buy?” and that is a valid question as there are countless choices available in the market to choose from and making the right choice is definitely not easy. There is no ultimate answer and it depends on the features you want your drone to have, the quality, and of course your budget. We are going to briefly describe each of these factors and some model recommendations for each so you can buy a drone that really fits your needs.


Which drone to buy? Which are the best drones?

Getting the right drone is ultimately a personal choice, depending on your needs. Consider the following factors before buying one that fits you.


Type. Based on their usage and virtual scope that they cover, drones are split into two main categories: large outdoor drones and smaller drones. The first types obviously cover and capture a larger visual scope and a higher resolution image whereas the smaller ones are lower in definition and cover smaller areas where no excessive heights are needed to capture the area.

There are also two distinct types based on the skill level of the user: racing and professional drones. Racing types are aimed towards users that favour speed above anything else and come with their own compartments that users will have to assemble themselves. Professional drones, though, are aimed at professional photographers, videographers and movie makers, because they deliver excellent high-res image analysis.


Features. The primary and secondary features of a drone are a great determining factor to consider when getting a new drone as each feature has its own purpose. Here are the most important ones:

  • The camera. The camera is the first feature you should check out as they are different drone cameras with different capabilities. If you are looking for a professional quality result with a crystal-clear picture and analysis, you want to get a drone with a wide camera angle with 4K megapixel analysis. However, as these models tend to cost more are not necessary for occasional amateur users, a drone between a 1000-2560 analysis is enough.
  • The remote controller. Most drone models come with a traditional remote controller, a motion controller that detects hand movement, or a wi-fi network transmission controller through a respective smartphone app. The first types allow more control and precision while the others are easier on the hands.
  • The battery life. The vast majority of drone models nowadays last up to 30 minutes before their battery runs out. That is enough for amateurs but if you want your battery to last more than that, you need to get an energy efficient model that lasts more than half an hour or have extra batteries on hand to make the necessary replacements and win more time. Some models need big lithium batteries to operate that are not rechargeable while others come with battery/energy units that you can recharge with a recharger.
  • The motion modes. Every drone model has at least two special modes that allow different scopes of videography. For example, some models are equipped with the “headless” mode which recalls the original orientation it took off and allows you to capture surroundings from your own visual point of view, not in the opposite direction with you in the picture. There is also another special mode called “follow me mode” which lets you track yourself at motion in outer surroundings like across the ground or sea. 


Price.  Last but not least, drone models are divided into two categories based on their price: budget and premium. The first, as their name suggests, is a budget and low-cost choice that is good for starters and amateur users while the second choice refers to expensive 3- 4 figure models that are ideal for advanced and professional users as they have a wider range cover, higher image quality, and advanced control features.


Our best picks

If you are a newbie, we suggest that you check out the Explorer 12” motion drone that we have in our online shop and allows you to control your drone easily with hand movements. If you are a more advanced user or wish to gain better resolution, we suggest that you buy the 3D/RC Wi-Fi drone with WIFI transmission capability or the SG108 foldable 4K model.