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What Is The Best Drone For A Beginner?

Basic drone suitable for beginners

So, you’ve decided to buy your very first drone? While for some people drones are something “extra” to have, if you wish to make the most of your surroundings and capture things from a breath-taking aerial point of view getting a drone is definitely a good idea.

But, choosing the right drone for a beginner is a challenging matter as there are so many options out there and not all models are newbie-friendly. Before we get into specific models, there are a few aspects and features that you need to consider when you have no prior experience handling drones and you wish to get one for yourself. So, what is the best drone for a beginner? Here are some aspects to consider.


Price point. Typically, high-end models for advanced or professional users tend to cost anywhere from $300 to $1000. But in the case of entry-level or toy models for new users (or children), prices typically range from $20-100. Generally speaking, the lower the price is, the more newbie-friendly the drone will be. There is no need to buy something expensive to try and practice your drone skills. However, keep in mind that at this price point, the quality of image may not be as clear or high-res as the more expensive models.


Newbie-friendly features. Many drone models are packed with features that allow easier control of the device without the users having to read a lengthy instruction manual to familiarize themselves with how it works. These useful and newbie-friendly features include: a motion sensor control that reads hand movements to control the device, crash and shock resistant exterior (in case the drone hits a tree or object), the universal 2-unit double controller system and the “follow me” mode which follows the user’s direction and captures images whenever they go. 


Drone regulation. Drone usage regulations vary from country to country or even state to taste if you are living in the U.S. In some areas, you can’t legally fly a drone in a larger state-controlled area without getting an official permission first. Thus, before you get and use a drone, it would be wise to check your local regulations. In some cases, if your drone is large or covers a larger flying scope that surpasses 250 grams in weight, you will have to pay a registration fee and obtain permission to fly it. Smaller or toy drones usually don’t require a permission or a registration fee to be used.


Battery system. The battery and power source of the device is also another important aspect to consider as it can make or break a new user’s experience.  Some models come with large replaceable batteries that you’ll probably have to replace after half an hour or so, while others come with a fixed battery slot that you can recharge using a USB cable or universal charger. Always check the battery specifications and duration before buying a new model as you don’t want to buy a model where batteries need to be replaced all the time or cannot be easily recharged.


Best Drones For A Beginner: Our Picks

The following models, which we are proud to carry in our store, are great for new users as they are equipped with simple user-friendly features at a very affordable price.

  • Explorer 12” Motion Control Drone. This is the ultimate drone for a beginner as it comes with a system that detects user hand motions through a glove to control the orientation of the device. In a few words, these mirrors and follows the movements of the hands as opposed to a typical remote controller system. The drone also comes with other convenient features such as a “headless” mode (the drone camera moves and captures images from a user’s viewpoint not against them) and a handy USB recharging unit.


  • SG108 Foldable 4K Cam Quadcopter. If you are looking for something a tad more advanced than a basic drone with high quality yet convenient features, this is the model you get. This comes with a handy foldable case so you can fold it and carry it everywhere you go. It also has a strong wi-fi signal distance, a flying mode in all possible directions and a rechargeable controller. Plus, the model features the “follow me” mode as well as flying trajectory mode, which enables you to mark your trajectory path with your current position through a special mobile app.



And if you just wish to get a toy drone with a remote controller for your kids without a camera, check out the leap 2-1 quadcopter or the unique looking UFO flying helicopter.