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What is a Smart Watch?

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Smart watches have taken the fitness and tech world by storm and there are several reasons why: they are edgy, smart (as their name suggests) and most importantly useful for active people, like most of us.


So, what is a smart watch exactly? what are the basic smartwatch features and what you'll need to look out for when buying a smart watch. If you are thinking of getting your first smart watch, then read on...


A smart watch is basically a portable personal computer device that looks and feels like a watch but is actually packed with many features and apps that you'll find in a regular smartphone or p.c. It has a responsive touch screen that users can touch and keep track of important indicators and apps. Smart watches, are mainly designed for active people and thus, they typically contain the following smart features, besides the obvious display of time:


⦁           Step counter app (counts the number of steps in a day)

⦁          Heart rhythm tracker

⦁          Calorie tracker

⦁          Time tracker

⦁          Bluetooth connection

⦁          WIFI/Internet connection


More advanced tech features include:

⦁        Digital camera and face recognition technology. This ensures the safety and tracking of the user of the smartwatch.

        GPS receiver/Mapping. A useful feature where the smartwatch uses location tracking to accurately track distance covered, direction and other important metrics.

        SMS and call notifications. Through a cellular network or Bluetooth, your smartwatch will connect to your phone wire free and you’ll receive SMS and call notifications--in some cases, you can answer them too.

        Double sim slot for 4G or 5G communication. Some models may accept only a single sim that connects only to a 2 or 3G network. It is therefore important to get a model with a double sim slot to cover 4G and 5G Networking.

        Other supplemental apps e.g., compass, FM/AM radio, video games, tiny speakers weather forecast, social media tracking, etc.


Their visual display is electronic and is usually LCD or OLED. They are typically powered by a lithium battery that the users can recharge as needed (similar to smartphones and computers, the batter levels are displayed on screen). When turned on, the smartwatch’s screen displays a set of icons that correspond to an app or program e.g., SMS notifications which the user can access with a click of a button.

The price of a smart watch typically ranges anywhere from $40 for a basic smartwatch to $600 for more advanced smart watches with extra features. Generally speaking, the more features and latest technology a smartwatch displays, the higher the price.


What To Look Out For When Buying A Smartwatch

There is a wide range of smartwatches available in the market but how do you know which one is the best option? It depends on what your needs and budget are. However, the following are important considerations when looking to buy a smartwatch:


  • Value for money. Smartphones come in different price tags, depending on the model, brand and features. However, no matter what price you pay, you want to get something that gives you the most for your buck. Some smartwatches, for example, sell for a modest price e.g., $100 but they have plenty of useful features to offer and their performance is great for their money. While in most cases, an expensive watch is better in terms of performance and value than a cheaper one, there are some instances where you pay mostly for the brand rather than the actual smartwatch itself.


  • Advanced technology. Is this smartwatch you are buying new and packed with the newest tech features such as GPS tracking and face or voice recognition? Smartphones have progressed significantly from the 90s, when the first electronic smartwatches were launched. While there is no reason to buy a smartwatch every year to benefit from the latest technology, if you are getting one for the first time, it’s wise to go for something that was newly released. The reason? Newest models have more powerful and advanced features to serve the needs of the user and typically perform better compared to older models. You may pay a higher price to get a newer model at first but consider it as investment that you’ll keep for the years to come.


  • High-quality/Durable materials. The vast majority of smartwatches are designed for active uses and thus, they are highly durable and able to handle everyday activities--from running to doing house chores. However, some smartwatches are made with materials that tend to last longer than others e.g., stainless steel or waterproof rubber. Metal smartwatches, for example, are sleeker, solid and heavier while plastic ones are usually lightweight, shockproof and waterproof. It depends on the use and settings you plan to wear your smart watch. If you do not usually engage yourself with heavy physical activity, a metallic smartwatch with a glass screen will do. But, if you plan to wear it on a daily basis for fitness or other intense physical activities, a plastic waterproof smartwatch is your answer.


  • Reputable seller. Last but not least, make sure that the smartwatches you are buying are from a quality and reputable seller like us. Visit their store and compare different models, prices and characteristics. A serious seller will have a wide range of smartwatches for all tastes and budgets and at the same time, be able to deliver excellent customer service. They will be able to answer your queries clearly and in a timely fashion--on the contrary, a dubious seller will not bother themselves to answer you unless they are sure you will buy something. They may also sell smartwatches at unrealistic prices or products that may be fake and poor imitations of original brands. When in doubt, ask and don’t make a hasty decision.


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