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What Are The Best Smart Watches For 2021?

Big screen smartwatch on a working desk

Image: New Era smartwatch, brown leather straps


Whether you have an old smartwatch that has worn out or you want to purchase your very first smartwatch, there are some impressive models that cover everything you need in a smartwatch: value for money, advanced tech features, practicality, durability and quality of service.

So, what are the best smart watches for 2021? Here is a list of our top picks and what each model offers in brief:




Supreme Conecto Smartwatches. A big, bulky and advanced design watch range that literally has everything you need in a smartwatch plus more. At the high price of $479 you can bet these are good. These high-range smartwatches by Supreme Conecto may look a tad overwhelming but they are very practical. They come with 20+ useful apps and functions including but not limited to: time and timer display, step tracker, calorie tracker, 4G network, call and SMS notifications, alarm, calendar/agenda, music playback, Bluetooth, voice recorder, and other third-party apps. The 4G network transmission allows faster exchange of data in the split of a second. You won’t need to carry a separate smartphone when you carry this.





NewEra Smartwatches. A smartphone range that lives up to its name--a “New Era” of up-to-date smartwatches. Unlike the previous big and distinct Supreme Conecto models, these have a sleeker appearance that resembles conventional watches. However, despite their subtle appearance, they have many robust features and great performance. Features include: face camera and face identity, phonebook access, heart rate tracker, step tracker, calorie monitor, voice search, voice recording, eBook compatibility, calendar and Google play support. They also support over 20 languages and come in two classic color choices: brown leather and black rubber. A $573 worth model that is now on sale so better catch this offer while it lasts!






Microwear Smart Touch IP68 smartwatch. A sleek manly watch that looks and feels expensive but it actually sells for only $69.99. A perfect choice if you are on a tight budget but still want to have all the basic smartphone features you need on a daily basis. Features include fitness tracker (heart, step, calories, sleep cycle), timer, alarm clock, call reminder, message notification, answer call, and interactive music playback. It also has a professional waterproof exterior with detachable stainless steel bands that can easily be switched with elegant black leather straps. Supported languages are approx. 15 and include English, Chinese, German, Russian, Spanish, French, and Arabic. At such a good price what more could you ask for?






Ticwatch Google Women smartwatch. The perfect high-range smartwatch for the modern, elegant and active woman on the go. TicWatch didn’t come up with this randomly. There is a lot of thought and technology involved in making this gem. The TicWatch Google women’s smartwatch combines a feminine and elegant appearance with advanced tech features that make the work of a modern busy woman much easier. Functions include a proactive sports tracker e.g., step tracker, a Google assistant, Google Pay app, GPS tracking/google maps, social media interaction and message/call reminder among others. A $419.99 watch that is really worth its cash as it serves as a watch, a sleek accessory, and a smartwatch assistant in many ways.






Metalika smartwatch with fitness tracker. A mid-range smartwatch by Metalika with a versatile unisex design that fits everyone. This unpretentious smartwatch is incredibly easy to use and practical, even for newbies or those who are not particularly tech-savvy. The clear and bright display swipes easily and the watch feels very comfortable during movement. Key functions include: physical activity tracker (step tracker, heart rhythms, distance covered, calories), a sleep monitor, a calendar and activity reminder, a control music playback, a watch/phone locator. The battery also lasts for a good 7 days (of regular use) so no need to charge this every day for hours. A solid and versatile model that makes a perfect gift for the fitness-conscious person.



Our list of best smartwatches for 2021 includes also some honourable mentions: the smartfit multi-function smartwatch, and the Oxitemp Oximeter smartwatch. And if you wish to buy one for your kid/s, we have kid-friendly smartwatch models on store as well--after all, all family members deserve to be in tip-top physical shape and in touch with the latest technology.