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Should I Use A Case Or Screen Protector?

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When it comes to getting a new smartphone, it is natural to wonder if you need to buy a case or a screen protector or if you could do without these. For millions of people around the world, this is not a dilemma but a fixed buying decision: as soon as they get their new smartphone, they buy a case to go with it too! According to smartphone usage stats, mobile accessories spending volume is expected to surpass $107 billion by the end of 2022 which is nearly double the previous amount of $61 billion noted in 2014. People are constantly buying protective accessories for their smartphones and this trend will continue to be on the rise for years to come.

But, the question is: are cases and screen protectors essential? Should you use a case or screen protector? While your phone does not require a case or screen protector to be functional, there are a few notable perks that come with the use of a suitable case and/or a screen protector. Here are the most important reasons and perks to use each (or both together)


Reasons to Buy A Smartphone Case

No.1: It offers a good amount of protection. While we can’t gauge exactly how much (%) a smartphone case protects your phone, a smartphone case that covers all corners and backsides of your phone is your safest best against crack, shatters and accidental bumps or slips. According to a U.S consumer poll, the average American drops their phone accidentally 3-4 times a week on the floor and in rare cases in the toilet or sink. We bet the same or similar figures apply to all the rest of us too. Without any solid and shock-proof or waterproof cases, accidents like that could shatter our smartphones in the split of a second.

No.2: They are versatile and stylish. Phone cases come in all colors, styles and patterns and there are virtually hundreds of styles to choose from--from the all-classic clear/transparent phone case to cartoon and movie-themed phones cases or cases with artsy designs and famous prints. It depends on our age, individual style, gender and personality. For instance, supervisors and high-ranked professions tend to choose clear or single color cases whereas millennials with a creative flair tend to choose more unique and colorful graphic patterns. You may also buy multiple cases to use in different settings as some may look a bit excessive or inappropriate in professional settings.

No.3: They are very affordable. The average phone case costs anywhere from $3-25 depending on the quality and the model, making it a very affordable choice for everyone and for any budget. Of course, higher quality and solid cases that do a pretty good job at protecting your phone will cost more but you may find a decent quality case that is both stylish and functional at a price range between $8-12. A great catch is that some sellers may offer you special discounts if you buy 2 or more cases for yourself, a gift or in bulk to resell them later so that is definitely a good deal, especially since most of us have at least one case or switch our phone cases often.


Why Should You Get A Screen Protector

Most smartphone models nowadays come with a screen protector by default to protect the screen from accidental shatters and cracking. This typically lasts for 1-2 years (of regular smartphone use) before it needs to be replaced.

While screen protectors are not as efficient at protecting your phone as cases are, they do offer some degree of screen protection. There are times when we drop our phones with the screen hitting the floor as opposed to the backside. A screen protector that adheres directly to your screen will definitely save your screen from multiple scratches and cracks---as long as it sticks well and is highly scratch resistant. A screen protector is also ideal for keeping your screen nice and clean without damaging the delicate screen interface of your phone. Of course, it may accumulate dust and debris, but it’s nothing compared to a bare screen without an adhesive or attachable screen protector. And even if it gets dusty and dirty, you may simply wipe it off with a wet cloth in seconds.


In a nutshell, while phone cases are more protective than screen protectors, we suggest you use both to achieve the max. degree of protection and protect your phone from accidental scratches, cracks, or hits in any area of the phone.