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Is A Smartwatch Good For Tracking My Runs?

2 sportsmen adjust setting on their best smartwatches

Smartwatches are constantly rising in popularity and reportedly, there were over 20 million units sold in the 2019-2020 period worldwide. People are using them for various purposes but their key function and purpose remains tracking our daily physical activities.

Many will wonder “Is A Smartwatch Good For Tracking My Runs” and the answer is a YES but not a clear one as there are many different factors that come into play here. The accuracy and efficiency of a smartwatch in tracking you runs and other relevant physical activities depends on the following:

  • The latest model technology. This is a primary factor to consider when getting the best smartwatch to track your runs. Older electronic models that circulated the market more than 10 years ago may offer some standard fitness trackers but they may not be so accurate because they use older and sometimes faulty technology. Some users report incorrect tracking of steps with the slightest movement or stroke when using such models. Therefore, you definitely need a robust and young model that features the latest technology e.g., a GPS tracker to accurately track your runs and fitness metrics.


  • The quality and reputation of the manufacturer. Some smartwatch brands may entice you with low prices or through using marketing gimmicks but once you buy their product, their support stops. Same goes for authorised sellers who sell these smartwatches. While you don’t have to bear the extra cost to buy an Apple smartwatch, you have to make sure the smartwatch you are getting is coming from a reputable manufacturer with a considerable amount of positive ratings from clients. You don’t want to end up with a smartwatch with no warranty that stops working when you need it the most e.g., during running.


  • Their price or value for money. Price is also another important consideration that allows you to gauge the actual value of a smartphone. While expensive brands tend to perform the best, there are instances where users find that their smartwatch is not worth their cash (regardless of the price they actually paid, low or high). Thus, when you contemplate on which smartwatch to buy, ask yourself the following: Is the price of the smartwatch logical and fair for what it offers? Does it offer everything I need in my smartwatch at this price point? Or does the price seem unrealistically low or high compared to the smartwatches’ actual capabilities?


Do You Need A SmartWatch With GPS To Track Your Runs?

In addition to the above general factors that determine the overall efficiency of a smartwatch (as a fitness tracker), some may still wonder if getting a smartphone with special features e.g., GPS helps them track their fitness progress better. That is a good question.

While you don’t necessarily need a GPS tracker to track your runs, it’s certainly a very useful feature to have as it allows you to better track your fitness progress. GPS basically gathers useful distance and map data to determine how far you have gone and where exactly you stand at. If you wish to cover a certain path and distance. e.g., a 3km jogging or run from your home to the next area border (in any direction e.g., South-West), getting a smartphone with a GPS will let you know from square one how much you have progressed until you finally reach your destination point. If you want something to remind you of your progress and keep you motivated so you don’t quit in the middle of the road, a GPS-featuring smartwatch is a great choice. It’s just a better option compared to a regular smartphone or basic smartwatch as it uses more precise and accurate technology to track your performance.

Nowadays, most people that buy smartwatches do use their GPS tracker and by getting one you have nothing to lose but only to gain. Obviously, smartwatches with a GPS tracker cost a tad more but if you are a person who is regularly active and running, this is actually a great investment.

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