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How To Maintain Your Drone

A man get his professional drone ready to fly

Getting a drone is definitely a great purchase if you are an amateur or professional photographer/videographer. But, if you want your drone to last for quite a long time, you need to properly maintain it first. If you are a beginner, you most probably have no clue how to maintain your drone but don’t worry, we’ll cover all the maintenance basics here in this article.

So what do you need to check to maintain your drone? Here are the basics:


No.1: Have a suitable case to fold your drone. Some good quality models like the SG108 Foldable model

 come with foldable cases that allow you to fold and carry your drone wherever you go or simply keep it nice and protected in a fixed position away from children or exposure to environmental elements that may damage your drone’s surface. If you plan to use your drone on a regular basis or carry it with you on the go, having a suitable case or backpack is nearly a must.


No.2: Have a pre-flight checklist. A drone is like having your own tiny plane or helicopter (but the only difference) is that it flies and captures pictures instead of carrying you. If you don’t want any accidents to happen e.g., your drone suddenly vanishing out of your view or striking an object, check your pre-flight list first. This list includes checking battery status, making sure the remote controller or control system works, and having an extra battery or recharger at hand. What is also important, a list contingency plan if something goes wrong.


No.3: Keep your motors nice and clean. The motors of your drone should always be kept in tip top condition or your drone will simply struggle or fail to fly. You really don’t want to neglect these are the play a crucial part in flying your drone. Thus, make sure they are clean and free of any accumulated debris over or between them. Also make sure they are not exposed to heat when unused as they may wear out and lose their flying power.


No.4: Make sure your propellers are in great condition as well. Similar to the motors of your drone, your propellers should also be in good working condition or their flying capacity will weaken remarkably. These will actually ensure that your drone stays in the air and does not fall or strike the ground or some random spot. If they look worn out, shattered or cracked, you’ll have to replace them right away with new ones.


No.5: Ensure that your special app or software is updated. Most middle to high-end models come with a respective app or program that connects to the device and allows control of the drone or displays important drone specs. If your software is outdated, you will fail to control and ultimately fly your drone. Thus, make sure it’s updated and responsive before the actual flying time.


No. 6: Check and clean your drone’s individual parts regularly.  Nearly all drone models out there come with individual parts that you have to assemble or use as extras. Even your controller and your case have to be kept in clean and immaculate condition as any dirt and debris will probably damage the exterior of these parts and weaken their capacity to work in conjunction and enable a complete flying mode. However, it’s best to avoid using any harsh chemicals to clean these parts. A soft-bristle brush and some good oil 90% alcohol and a cloth are enough to do the cleaning job.


No.7: Always fly your drone in good weather conditions. Some models may have a shockproof or waterproof exterior, allowing you to fly your drone in heavy weather conditions. However, most models, especially models of medium to low range cannot fly in heavy winds, hailstorms, high heat, or intense rainfall conditions. And even if it does, you risk ruining it for good. You may find which weather conditions are ideal to fly your drone and which are not in the model’s instruction manual.


Above all, it is important that you get a solid quality drone made with durable materials and advanced exterior parts such as the 3D RC Wi-Fi Mode Drone or the SG108 Foldable Quadropter. These models will cost you a bit more but they will last you for years if you take care of them properly and follow the tips we have previously mentioned.