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How To Clean & Maintain Your Projector

Projector placed on the floor

Getting a projector can turn out to be a great tech investment that you can use in multiple ways--from projecting professional presentations/slides to displaying movies and videos for family or friend gatherings, a projector is a multifunctional tool that is useful for everyone. But, if you wish to prolong the life of your projector and make it last for years, you have to keep it clean and well-maintained.

The good news is that most projector models have a similar fuss-free structure which needs minimal maintenance. However, you still need to clean out any accumulated debris and dust occasionally (1-2X/month) to prevent any possible blockages and damage on the hardware units e.g.  the vents and camera of the projector.

Since your projector is a sensitive electronic device, you have to ensure that you use gentle and suitable cleaning methods that will clean out the exterior parts of your projector without inflicting any damage. Also, it may be self-explanatory but don’t forget to switch off your projector before you do clean in (in any way) to prevent any electrical shocks or damage.


The basic steps and tools you will need to cleanse your projector are as follows:

No.1: Clean out the camera lens. This is perhaps the most important part of the projector as a dirty lens will certainly affect the clarity of the pictures and films displayed by the projector. To clean the camera lens, make sure that your projector is switched off and use a special lens cleaning paper or wet cloth to clean out the dirt. You may also use a canister of compressed air to clean out the dust without directly touching the surface of the lens (in case there is only dust in its surface).

No.2: Clean out the projector case. Many models come with a projector case (included in a whole pack) or you’ll have to buy one separately that fits the dimensions of your projector and hosts pockets for extra accessories. That way you can keep your projector nicely and protected from accidental drops and shatters. But, you’ll have to keep your projector case clean too. To clean your projector’s case remove your projector from its case or switch off your projector (if it’s inside the case) and wipe its interior with a sanitizing cloth or a wet cloth dampened in water and a mild cleaning solution. Note: do not use any harsh cleansing agents or you’ll risk damaging the case’s material.

No.3: Clean out the vents. In most models, the vents are on the backside or sides of the projector and their role is to ventilate the device and prevent overheating. Thus, you have to make sure they are clear of any dust and debris. The most suitable and safest way to clean out the vents without causing any damage, is to take a soft vacuum brush to get rid of accumulated dust. Wrapping the vents with a wet cloth and detergent is not indicated as these are extra sensitive to chemicals. Again, make sure that your device is switched off before turning on the vacuum to clean the vents out.

Step 4: Clean Out The Lamp Vent Screens.  The vent screens are located just behind the lamp and near the vents of the projector. Some models have one screen whereas others have to screen grids.  Like other hardware parts of the projector, these accumulate dirt and debris as well, but it is suggested to check and cleanse them more rarely than others as closing and opening them too much may lead to damage. To cleanse these, carefully remove (eject) the lamp from your projector (check your instruction manual for precise directions). Avoid applying too much force--if it doesn’t open, it’s best to leave it as it is and try some other time. Then, once you remove it, check for any accumulated debris and use a gentle vacuum with a crevice-type small brush to clean it out mechanically. Note: do not use any chemicals and do not touch the glass in front of the lamp spot. Finally, carefully put back the lamp vent in its place.


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