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Do Universal Phone Charges Work In Any Phone?

A traveller holding his universal charger plug ready to pack in his backpack

Universal Phone chargers have been in the market for over 10+ years and they are literally game changers. As of 2009, many famous cell phone companies within the GMS association like Nokia, Motorola, Sony, and Samsung have established an agreement for a universal charging standard that works in nearly all cell phone models. Essentially, the original universal charger operates using a micro-USB interface. However, cell phones have evolved dramatically ever since, the previous USB charger may not be ideal for newer models such Samsung Galaxy S10 and iPhone series 8-12.

The purpose of a universal charger is to replace the need for having multiple brand/model charges in hand every time to charge different smartphone and mobile devices. Or Mother Earth will give us double thumbs up for saving valuable resources e.g., plastic and metallic materials and energy to produce multiple charges. In case you don’t have your models’ actual charger with you or it has burnt out, you can easily replace it with a universal phone charger.

Imagine the frustration of having a charger not meant for your device when you desperately looking for one! Having a “universal” charger that is versatile and works in most smartphone types as well as in all countries across the world with different voltage outputs (110-220V), makes you feel heaven. Thus, if you are in a global business setting or traveling frequently from one country to another, you will definitely need such awesome gadget.

So, do universal chargers work in all phones? Hmmm, we will answer: YES, but that doesn’t make them the most suitable choice for every model out there. There are some models that function at different voltage ranges and so if you use the wrong charger, you are putting its life at stake or damaging it altogether. Thus, before you buy any charger/adapter, even a universal one you have to make sure that it matches with the output voltage and current (amper) of your phone model. You may find the suitable voltage ranges of your mobile phone model either in your smartphone’s instruction manual in the battery specifications or if you lost it, you may look for a universal solution provider, Google, and search the original site of your manufacturer.

Now, the question is, “how do I know which universal phone charger is the best?” Deciding which universal charger to buy is crucial for your battery’s health and overall phone performance. Those cheap & flimsy universal chargers may do more harm than good and you will end up paying more for a full battery replacement or in the worst case, your mobile device. Good quality universal phone chargers, first of all, have a CE or FCC or any other official certification which proves its quality and compliance to universal standards. Universal phone charges should also come with multiple USB ports and adaptable pins/plugs to allow the charging of smartphones in different parts of the word. Now, there are some models that are wireless as opposed to wall-attached. These fairly new charging types are basically padding and flat surfaces where you place your battery or your entire device and they connect with the energy using electromagnetic energy waves. Imagine how awesome to own such universal charger that allows wireless charging.


Our Best Universal Charger Picks

If you are looking for an amazing universal charger that gives you the convenience and let you sleep peacefully, here are our best picks:





Worldwide Plug Adapter 4X. A 4-in-1 worldwide adapter that enables you to connect dual voltage devices in overseas wall outlets. The adapter features 4 pin sockets (USA, AU, Europe, UK) to connect with any outlet in the world as well as 4 usb ports, allowing the concurrent connection and charging of up to 4 devices at once e.g. smartphone, tablet. Plus, its integrated surge protector will protect the charger from voltage spikes that may damage or burn out your phones’ battery.





Wooden QI Wireless Fast Charger. A sleek new era wireless fast charger that does exactly what its name says: charge your phone fast and wireless! Unlike other wireless charges who look too dark, plasticky or unappealing, this comes in 5+ beautiful wood finishes to choose from. But, of course, its versatility and compatibility with multiple models makes it a top choice--the charger is compatible with most iPhone models, Samsung Galaxy S series, Huawei phones, LG, Motorola, and Nokia.