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Do I Need A SIM Card For My Smart Watch?

SIM card or a Nano SIM card

Smartwatches have evolved so much nowadays that we can use them to do a wide range of daily functions and even replace our regular smartphones. Most people, though, use smartphones as a remote and wearable extension of their smartphone, especially when they are on the go.

So many will wonder at this point: Do I need a SIM Card for my smart watch? The answer is both YES and NO. But, before we elaborate on this further, it would be wise to describe what a sim card is and what its purpose is in a smart watch. A sim card, basically, is a microchip card that is used in cellular phones to identify the clients number and contact details. The word “sim” is actually an acronym of “Subscriber Identity Module” and functions as an identity finder and activator of the cellular network provided by the communications company the client is subscribed to. Sim cards are available in multiple sizes such as micro, mini and Nano, depending on model and network supplier used.

So what is the purpose of using a sim card in a smart watch? Similar to accessing the cellular network of a smartphone device, smartwatches need a sim card as well to access a mobile and broadband network. Accessing this network means the device will be able to serve phone call and SMS interactions and access the web via 4G or 5G network. Nowadays, most smartwatches do have at least one sim card slot for these purposes. In cheaper  or basic smartwatch models, though, where sim cards slots may not be included, the smartwatch will serve only as a basic activity tracker with no communication and internet access.

In nutshell, if you intend to get a smartwatch for the sole purpose of tracking your daily activities or fitness aims, you can get a model without a sim card slot. Otherwise, if you wish to buy something that will serve as an extension or replacement of your smartphone, you need to get a model with at least one sim slot. Keep in mind that some models are stand-alone which means that they don’t need a phone to work with but they do need a sim card to function. Again, that depends on whether you want to use your smartwatch as a basic activity tracker, as a extension of your smartphone, or a full replacement and separate device from your smartphone.

Smartwatch SIM card activation: How to activate your SIM card for smartwatch

Before activating a sim card for your smartwatch, you must contact your cellular network company first and ask them on whether they offer sim cards for smartwatches and support their use in the first place. Some countries or areas may not support the use of sim card smartwatches so speak with their customer service team before getting one.

Once you have gotten your sim card for your smartwatch, the next step would be to actually activate it. The registration and activation again is performed by your local cellular network provider. In most cases, it’s either a 6-digit or a 13-digit code. If the sim card is not registered, you will simply be unable to handle phone calls, messages or access the Internet from your smartwatch.

Note: In some cases, when getting a smartwatch and sim card from a local or overseas store, the network access is locked. In this case, you may contact your local cellular network or sim card provider and ask them for help to unlock the network.

Top Smartwatches With SIM Card Slots

If you decided to get a smartwatch with a SIM card slot, we have a few top-performing recommendations for you that are really worth their money and we have them in our online store:






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NewEra Smartwatches. A new era of smartwatches with top-notch features such as a single Nano-sim card slot, a wi-fi connector, a GPS tracker and a dual camera. A great choice for those who wish to get something that looks like a sleek watch but serves as a smartphone connector on the inside.