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Do All Drones Have Cameras?

Professional drone with HD camera for professional shootings

Drones are primarily considered unmanned aircraft vehicles or in other words flying machines that are used either for recreational or professional video and photo capturing purposes. Some people buy drones just for fun while others are looking to make money out of their drones.

But, before you decide to purchase one, you have to define the actual purpose you are going to use as not all drones are the same.


The question is: Do all Drones Have Cameras?

Many people are wondering if all drones have cameras by default and the answer is NO. However, the majority of drone models out there do have cameras installed in different capacities and resolutions. There are some cheaper models that fall under the category of “toy drones” that do not have any built-in cameras and are often used by kids or adults just for fun--think of toy helicopters or remote controller airplanes. These models may not explicitly specify that they do not have a camera but if you examine their features, you will see that there is no mention of camera and their price is low (on average toy drones without a camera cost anywhere from $20-60). You may ask the seller of these just to make sure. But, of course, if you are looking for a toy drone only that would not be a problem.

On the other hand, drones that are officially considered to be “Unmanned Flying Vehicles”, which occupy the biggest share in the market, are drones with a real camera and so you need to obtain a flying permit, in some areas, to fly them around public or private property.

Check out the sections below for some ideas on toy drones with cameras and professional or amateur use drones with cameras.


Best Toy Drone Picks Without Cameras

If you wish to get an edgy toy gift for kids or simply have some fun yourself, we have some pretty good remote-controlled toy drones without cameras at a very affordable price. Here are some recommendations:

No1: Leap 2-In-1 Travel Quadcopter. A cool flying toy quadcopter with a double function: you can easily transform this from a drone to a quadcopter and vice-versa (think Transformers). You may also control this from a remote or watch controller, covering a radius of 80 meters. If you use the air mode, the device will be able to fly in all sorts of directions e.g., left and right and back and forth. The price is not the cheapest for a toy model but at $67, you bet it will last longer than a typical flying toy.

No.2: UFO Remote Control Flying Helicopter. A super edgy and advanced toy drone that looks like a blend of a UFO and a helicopter drone. If you or your kids are clumsy and this is your first toy drone, this is perfect as its circular gyroscopic and solid structure make it hard to strike a wall or get caught in another object. It also comes with a remote controller, USB charging cable and replaceable blades as bonus (in case the ones you have already become worn out or damaged). A solid choice if you are looking for a toy drone.


Best Drone Models With Cameras

If you are serious about getting a drone, if you are an amateur explorer or a professional photographer and videographer looking to invest in a solid quality drone with a good camera, here are our best picks:

No.1: Ninja Dragons Powerful FPV drone.  A solid camera drone model (they wouldn't call this Ninja if it wasn’t powerful enough) equipped with a 4K high-definition camera that allows the capturing of images and video in great detail. The addition of GPS location positioning, headless mode (camera pointing in the same direction as your viewpoint) and auto-return feature (the drone returns automatically at its starting point as soon as the battery goes low), make it an excellent choice for amateur and professional photographers and videographers.

No.2: SG108 Foldable 4K Drone HPV. A very convenient semi-professional drone model that is completely foldable and comes with its own case so you can carry and use it on the go. The model has a robust 4K analysis camera, an optical positioning system that enables stable flying across directions, a headless mode, and a trajectory flying mode which allows the user to note their own trajectory path via an APP control interface. Plus, it comes with a modular battery that you can easily replace. With so many good portable features, this is a perfect choice for travellers who want to take awesome pictures and videos of their explorations.