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Are Drones Easy To Fly?

Flying drone hovering in the air

So, you decide to jump on the bandwagon and buy your own drone? Whether you want to get a drone for fun or for professional use, a very common question that potential or new users have is: Are drones easy to fly? The last thing all users want to encounter is a drone device that is hard to control up in the air or a drone that randomly crashes and gets lost. Or in some extreme cases, a drone that enters an illegal place and gets shot down.

The flying capacity of a drone depends on the individual model and its features. So yes, some drones are easy to fly while others need a lengthy instruction manual to control them properly. There are some factors that generally make a drone easy or hard to fly. However, before we jump into these factors, a very crucial thing to make sure when you buy a drone is to check with your local drone regulations. In the U.S.A for example, you have to register your drone online or offline and get an assigned registration number that you will showcase on your drone’s exterior (marked or labelled in a sticker). Unregistered camera drones that fly without this sticker may get shot and their operators will be penalized. Using a drone in some areas is a complex matter with several regulations and limitations but other than that, most drones are easy to operate and fly in general.

So, what makes drones easy to fly or not?

-Location modes/GPS features. There are certain features that make a drone easy to navigate and fly. The most important feature is GPS tracking. Most high-end drone models with a camera use GPS tracking to orient themselves and let the operator know where they stand through a remote-control app. GPS is necessary to ensure a solid flying path that does not bypass limits set by the user or authorities e.g., drones that fly above the 400-feet limit set by FAA authorities (in USA). Another important feature that enables a solid flying operation is “flying trajectory mode”. This mode is found only in a few advanced models and enables the user to draw their own flying path/route through a respective mobile app.

-User-friendly remote-control systems. All drone models come with at least one remote control unit as the drone cannot be simply switched on and fly on its own. Some control systems are universal and classic (think of a toy flying machine controller) while some are more advanced and may link to a remote-control app on mobile or a smartwatch, allowing users to control the orientation of the device on the go. A small minority of models are also controlled by hand movements (through special signal emission gloves). In any case user-friendly remote-control systems have the following basic features: a LED or LCD screen or red button indicator of power, a solid antenna, a handle, two orientation control rods/levers. If you are a newbie at operating a drone, you better get a model with a controller that doesn’t have too many buttons and features or you’ll risk losing control and crashing it.

-Ideal settings. A very important factor that many new users ignore when flying a drone is the settings, they plan to fly their drone. It is not recommended operating and flying your drone during heavy weather conditions e.g., heavy winds, rainfall, storms, or blizzards or your risk damaging your drone. There are some areas also with heavy magnetic fluctuations that may mess up your GPS tracking and confuse the drone on which direction to fly, despite your remote-control attempts. Also, flying your drone near tall building structures, electricity towers or antenna/radio towers is a bad idea. If your drone flies near any of the above, it may lose its flying stability and crash or get caught in a complex object e.g., poles with electric wires. In any case, make sure that you fly within the recommended or actual range of the model you buy and don’t fly it beyond that, especially if you are not sure of the area and nearby obstacles.

Best Easy To Fly Drones

Wouldn’t be awesome if you could fly your drone using hand movements? If YES check this model out. If you want to up your game and buy a solid model with advanced yet easy to operate modes e.g. GPS and flying trajectory mode, check the SG108 model or the 3D RC WIFI model