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Are All Cell Phone Chargers The Same?

A mobile phone is attached to the battery charger attached with USB cable

 Nearly everyone of us owning a smartphone (and possibly a second mobile device) have wondered at one point if all phone chargers are manufacturer similarly and we can charge our devices with that super charger.

We start asking, are all phone chargers the same thing? The answer is both YES and NO. As of 2009, there has been an agreement between different mobile phone companies to follow a universal power/battery charging standard, the latest smartphone models may need different chargers. Nowadays, all smartphone models either come with a Micro-USB, a USB Type “C” or a Lightning connector.

Many folks make mistake of using another model’s charger from a different manufacturer because of the same cable that fits into their charging port. They have failed to understand some models simply function at different voltage & current and using them with an unsuitable charger may cause serious damage to the battery hence void the smartphone’s warranty. In any case, check your phone’s input and output range and make sure it is compatible with the charger you are using (you may find more info on the above if you read your phone’s instruction manual or Google its input/output specifications.)

If you are not sure of the phone charger you use is compatible with your phone, there are two fool proof solutions: either use the original charger that cames with your phone (which isn’t always convenient) or get a good quality universal phone charger that is compatible with nearly all models and in any part of the world such as this one...


Types of Phone Chargers Per Use/Charging Point

In addition to the USB cables e.g., Micro-USB, there are different chargers that you may use in different locations/charging points--from wireless QI energy chargers to CAR and hybrid wall/USB chargers. We’ll briefly explain each one and its purpose so you can gain more knowledge about multiple ways you can charge your phone:

  1. Wall outlets. The wall-mounted chargers are the classic/typical type of chargers that come with every model type (in its box). Just like what their name has suggested, they connect to your phone through a cable, a double or triple pin and a wall outlet. This is the most common and fool proof way to charge your phone.
  1. Car Сhargers. Car chargers are relatively new types of charging units that enable the user to charge their smartphones in their cars through a USB cable. These chargers draw energy from the cars’ battery resulting slower charging speed (in order to avoid depleting the car’s battery), but you may use them occasionally if you are driving long distances on a regular basis and don’t have the time or fixed spot to charge your phone. Check this Intelligent Fast Charging Unit
  1. Qi Chargers. Qi (derived from the Chinese word Qi/Chi which means vital energy) is a universal power standard that refers to wireless power transfer/charging. The phone is charged in a compact/flat pad or case that transfers energy from the charger to the battery through electromagnetic induction and USB cable, amazing right? The standard, which was launched in 2008, is now followed by most smartphone companies such as Apple, Google, Asus, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, Nokia, and LG. Check out: New Fast Qi Wireless Charger and Bamboo Charging Dock Station.
  1. Universal hybrid chargers. These hybrid charges come with interchangeable pin adapters to suit multiple outlets and voltage systems across the world e.g., UK, USA, Europe as well as multiple USB ports (2 or more) that enable the charging of various mobile devices at once e.g., smartphone, tablet, laptop. A standard hybrid charger model covers voltage ranges of 110-220, making it compatible with most global outlets. An ideal choice for professionals who travel often overseas. Check out: Worldwide Plug Adapter with 4 USB chargers
  1. Solar power chargers. A relatively new addition to the family of phone chargers that draws solar power to charge your mobile device. These solar power chargers have an in-built battery (similar to the one most smartphones have) that charges and stores energy when exposed to the sun for hours. A solar power energy comes with a USB cable that connects the charger’s battery with your phone. It takes around 4 hours to fully charge your phone and it does require a USB cable to connect with your device, but it is still a very convenient choice for people whose job or hobbies are outside on a daily basis and have no direct access to fixed outlets. Check out: Sun Chaser Mini Charger.